I invented the Blog. Ah, never mind … or We all live in our selves and mistake it for life

Cancer might be a good excuse to start a diary. But how to name it to make it sound modern? Vintage is modern these days. The past is as up-to-date as the future never happens.

Why not choose a romantic connotation and context and call it just after a ship's log book? And publish it on the internet so everybody may read it? Internetlog? Interlog? iLog? YouLog?

Would be great for readers from around the web to add their own thoughts. Weblog? The crowd could add so much information, knowledge, wisdom, meaning. Or just a picture, a short video. Or a link to another great source of wisdom.
Infinite potential.

Let us reinvent (collaborative) writing.

Let us reinvent poetry, journalism, and PR.

Let us reinvent communications, advertising, and marketing.

Let us reinvent brands, corporations, and society.

Let us reinvent creativity, diversity, and participation.

Let us reinvent empathy, caring, and sharing.

Let us reinvent politics, democracy, and our planet's future.


Imagine the unprecedented powers and potential of every single individual being inspired and inspiring …

We could reach a new level of evolution: every single individual being interconnected to each other around earth (and of course Chris Hadfield in space).

Imagine the ubiquity of ideas, innovation, and people's power we could unleash with such a simple tool.

We might even outgrow ourselves as mankind.


Ah, never mind …